Types of Dogs

The service I offer is perfect for high energy breeds like spaniels, cockapoos, vizlas, labradors and all young lively dogs. It is also great for breeds who like to follow their nose and need more recall training like beagles and terriers.

I will take all breeds as soon as they have had their second injections.

Before starting with me I will need to meet your dog so I can understand their personality and give you the reassurance your dog is in safe, caring and capable hands. I will meet you and your dog in the comfort of your own home. You are of course welcome to come visit the field to see the environment yourself.

I will take intact males and bitches.

I can not take your dog if it is in season, not only to prevent any unwanted pregnancy but your dog will also give off a scent and attract other dogs causing issues amongst them.

Dogs like humans have different personalities and will have arguments from time to time, might play more boisterously than others of which I will control, however if your dog shows aggression towards other dogs or towards me I will not walk them again. This is for the safety of the other dogs and myself, I would be absolutely devastated if something happened to a dog in my care and I will not take the risk. With this in mind I regrettably do not offer the service to train older unsociable dogs, however I would recommend sending your puppy with me from as soon as they have had their second injections to learn how to show the right body language and approach dogs.

If any small changes happen to your dogs routine or any out of the ordinary events occur then I like to be informed to keep an extra close eye on your dog. Something as simple as changing where your dog sleeps could alter their behaviour so I require to be pre warned. Do not worry how silly you think it maybe, I love dogs and can talk about them for hours!

Not all dogs will find this type of walk suitable and finding the right dog walker, doggy daycare or dog creche is important. I will not take on dogs that I do not think are suitable.

Please have a look around my website, check out my Facebook and my Instagram and if you have any questions or you would like to arrange a free no obligation meeting please feel free to call me on 07900 686 799,  email me at info@walkieswithgeorgie.co.uk or fill out a form in the Contact Us section and I will get back to you shortly.