With seven years of experience working with all different types of dogs and breeds I understand how to care and control dogs. Dogs can be unpredictable however I know how to read a dogs body language, which helps prevent unwanted situations like fighting and bolting.

I only take on non aggressive dogs, however with changes to the dogs environment and lives can affect their behaviour. Hormones can come into play, illness and disease or even something as simple as the weather can change their behaviour!  I am against hitting dogs and do not believe in dominance over a dog, which I consider to be control via fear. I believe in mutual respect which is gained by training, food and love. By having the respect of your dog and diligently watching their body language whilst in my care I will prevent most risks of fights or bolting simply through recall. If your dog has become fixated,  I carry around a bottle of water which usually is the quickest method to preventing a fight before it even happens. There is usually growls and bad body language before any fight begins which is where a spray of water to diffuse the situation works perfectly. Then the dogs can be safely separated.

I understand that intact males give off different scents and can give off different signals to other dogs (especially young dogs) and other dogs react differently towards them. They also sometimes show unwanted behaviour like humping which can lead to trouble! The teenage years are the hardest for training in both males and females as they are less likely to listen as their hormones are running wild! They can be a challenge at coming back when called and generally push boundaries!

Puppies haven't always learnt how to be respectful towards older dogs and they need to learn this and I am able to pick up on this and intercept and help them interact. It is also important that older dogs are able to “tell off” so that a puppy learns acceptable and unacceptable greetings and interactions. I like this to be done in a controlled environment so interactions are positive. For example on a puppies first day they will be in an enclosed area away from other dogs with maybe one other puppy and an older dog who loves puppies but is also able to tell off in a positive way and teach them how to interact.

Some dogs give off a scent that makes other dogs find them attractive and want to hump them. This can be because they have recently had a season and need a good wash or could be because their anal glands need emptying! I always let my owners know so we can deal with the problem as its not very nice for the dog and can cause issues within the pack.

All dogs are individuals and have their own personality and I absolutely love getting to know them and all their little quirks. Especially when I watch them grow from a little puppy into a lovely well rounded socialised dog.