Hi! My name is Georgie and I am an experienced dog walker of 7 years.

My love for dogs started by growing up with our family weimaraner shepherd cross Ash leading me to wanting a dog of my own.

I carefully researched the right breed for my lifestyle and studied how to look after and a train a dog. I then got my very own puppy Rocky, a working Labrador.

Having toilet trained him, teaching him array of tricks, how not pull on the lead and to walk off the lead and I found myself feeling sorry for him whilst I left him at home to go to work. I set up a “dog cam” to see what he got up to in my absence. He mostly slept, got bored for a minute and sought out a shoe, shook it, put it down and went back to bed. I couldn’t leave him at home again.

I searched for a dog walker, but all I could find was an hour walk or pay double for two hours or doggy day care where Rocky would just sit in someone elses house. Finally I came across a company that would pick Rocky up in the morning, take him to a a huge private field with other dogs where he would play  and socialise and then get dropped off in the afternoon tired. I loved what they were offering so much I went to work for them!

This enabled me to do what I had always wanted after getting the “perfect” puppy. I rescued Indie, a one year old staffy cross (to be more precise a Staffy/ german shorthaired pointer/ poodle/ french bulldog cross according to her DNA test). This has been one of my most rewarding moments rescuing a dog with serious separation anxiety that would have struggled to be rehomed and she is just as special to me as Rocky.

After working for the doggy day care company for 7 years it grew into a company that I no longer recognised and it did not offer that personal loving service as a whole and I decided to start up Walkies with Georgie.